Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yarnburners in June issue of Indianapolis Monthly!

Keep your eyes peeled for it; my dentist's office got the new issue in the mail yesterday. On page 34 there's a little interview with Strick 9 and one of my photos (below), complete with photo credit! I'm so thrilled for "Ms. Stitchley" - the magazine chose this piece of hers from among about a hundred photos, and it's no wonder; this was the first thing I saw on installation day, and was one of my favorites, too.
June 5: we're tagging - errrrr, yarnbombing - the outside of the Harrison Center with the Indy Craft Mafia... come on by!


  1. What do you mean by the word "tagging" -- are you some sort of feminine offshoot of Fight Club/Project Mayhem?

  2. I guess I should say "bombing," but I don't really like that word. To me, "tagging" means installing one of my knit graffiti pieces somewhere.

  3. I guess I'll edit my entry to call it "yarnbombing."


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