Friday, January 27, 2012

Little dude, big favor!

Readers, what say we help this little dude win a new wheelchair?

I heard about him from my pal LaRue (you know LaRue; she makes all my favorite earrings, keychains, etc.). Here's what she shared on facebook the other day:

"This is Jorden, my cousin's son. I have asked for prayers for him previously, as he has many health issues. Convaid is giving away a new wheelchair to the child with the most 'likes' [in their Facebook contest]. Jorden is outgrowing his current chair, and the new chair would allow him access to areas that he can not get to conveniently now. Please click on the 'like' button associated with Jorden's photo. A comment would also be helpful."

It just takes two clicks to help! One click here and then one to "like" the pic of Jorden. If for some reason the link above is not working for you, you can also access it through my Facebook page. Thank you kindly. You rock!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warning: cutess factor: HIGH.

Told you. Are these not the sweetest little slippers you've ever seen? Hopefully they turn out to be "somewhere between a 6 and a 7" which is what size Ellie's mom says she wears. I googled shoe size measurements and made them as long as the results said. I got the handmade fleece flowers from hksupermom during a Sneak Attack (See? Undiscovered Etsy shops can have the most amazing things!); the genius-y slipper pattern was designed by Little Red Mitten - and she provides instructions for making them in all sizes from baby to grown-up! Regarding the yarn, you know I can be kind of a yarn snob, right? But slippers for a kid must be soft and machine-washable. This is what I used; was super-soft and pleasant on a knitter's hands! Since the pattern calls for two strands held together, I grabbed the center-pull and the outside of the skein - which means my yarn-ball holder came in quite handy. There - now you can go make slippers for your adorable cousins!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Help fellow Etsian Jess celebrate her birthday TODAY and win a little something from The Bee! Here are details.