Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rebel without a list.

If only people actually knew about this blog and read it, I would implore one of you to remind me to bring the following things tomorrow when I go to install my pieces in the Harrison Center (as it stands now, I could review this entry... unless I were to throw caution to the wind and write a list):

  • the actual knitted pieces - door handle covers, pipe cozy, and light switch cover
  • pouch of scissors, yarn needles, etc.
  • extra yarn, for sewing pieces on
  • zip-ties, just in case
  • camera!

Hee hee.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Technology and knitting.

I knit. I want to sell hand knit items on Etsy. I'm a member of an online knit/crochet community. I buy many of my knitting needles online. I learn new stitches by watching videos on youtube... and now I've got the blog and the Twitter and the widgets and the social networking and all that, as well! Before I learned to knit, I thought knitting was about sharp sticks and string - ha!

I thought the dichotomy was rich when I got "Merino" (as I will refer to my darling fiance, the best guy in the entire world, who supports my Knitting Madness wholeheartedly, loves me, and brags about the hat I knit for him) a satellite radio for Christmas and he got me a record player. Oh, and last Christmas, he got me a swift and a ball winder and I got him a Blu-Ray player!

I'm embracing all aspects of this Knitting in the Modern World, even if it's a lot to get one's arms around!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I knit other than scarves and hats.

Have I mentioned yet that I am in a knit graffiti crew? Not likely, as this is only my second entry. Hey, kids, I'm in a knit graffiti crew!

We're called the Yarnburners, and the same person that came up with that name came up with my tag name, Stockannette (yes, the darling name stems from "subversive" knitting activities... I'm such a rebel). Sometime prior to 5/1/09, we are bombing the inside of the
Harrison Center for the Arts for your viewing pleasure on May's First Friday. So the picture at right is a couple of the pieces I've made for the installation: they're going to be covering the handles of the main doors into the building! I'll take pictures so you can see how they end up looking in their intended spot. Last night at Mo'Joe, a photographer from Indianapolis Monthly came and took some pics of me knitting, even though I advised him he could get much more fun and interesting shots at the Harrison Center. Hopefully I'm out of focus, errr... incognito.

For more about knit graffiti (sometimes referred to as yarnbombing), and specifically about the people who inspired the Yarnburners, check out

Jeez, this is a very link-heavy post;

Monday, April 27, 2009

How it all started.

"It was just a casual social thing - a way to hang out with my favorite Cool Girls. C. would show us how to do embroidery, and M. would show us how to knit. It was also a way to get out of a traditional formal celebration of Easter - yay! I thought I’d better try the knitting; it’s best if I stay away from sharp needles, as I’m not the most coordinated or crafty person on earth.

So M. offered to meet me at a local yarn shop and help me pick out good needles and a good yarn to start with. “You’ll want to use an encouraging yarn - something that will yield immediate results.”

Yeah, okay, whatever that means. [Please note: she was so right.]

We went into Mass Ave. Knit Shop and it was like a fuzzy rainbow in there. “How about this one?” I kept asking. Poor M…. she was so patient! She would just shake her head at every crazy, skinny, lumpy, fringed monstrosity I picked up. More later.”

The above is from the first time I tried to start a knitting blog, on May 1, 2008. So much has happened since The Day I Learned How to Knit. It’s time to have a blog specifically about knitting, with maybe a few snippets from the non-knitting world from time to time. So, welcome, lovely readers!