Monday, May 4, 2009

I love mysterious emails!

I just got the following email from my out-of-state sister:

"1st of all, could you PLEASE call K. [in-state sister] (I don't have work number) and tell her to disregard what I asked her to do yesterday (Sun) afternoon (I just did it via telephone).

2nd - (any time of your choosing) you may go Mass Ave Knit shop and pick something up from me. Susan [shop owner] put it by register.

Belated happy birthday to you
~Love, S."

Woo hoo! My favorite place in the world, other than home, is my LYS (local yarn store), Mass Ave Knit Shop, and the imagination positively runs wild... could it be a Mass Ave gift certificate, the most perfect gift for me for any occasion? What should I spend it on? Could it be yarn? Could Susan have helped my sister pick some yarn out over the phone? You never know!

I know where I'm going after work!

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