Thursday, May 21, 2009

During the upcoming long weekend...

Since I've already put together a crazy Treasury (yes, I really did come up with the concept because two coworkers' kids and one salesperson's kid came down with conjunctivitis at the same time), I'll be trying to figure out a pleasing concept for photographs of the next item I'm going to list, a set of three notecards for knitters (at least I hope they'll appeal to knitters; see scan below).

The other two cards in the set feature an angora rabbit and an alpaca! It's kind of stumping me how to make a photo of flat paper items look dynamic. Suggestions would be appreciated! Otherwise, I'm going to browse around Etsy and see what other people do to have such darling photos of notecards.

I'll probably also be finishing a hat and the "tree sweater," since the office closes at 12:30 tomorrow and doesn't reopen until Tuesday!

Oh, here's another question: why is Star Trek only playing at midnight at our chosen IMAX this weekend? Crazy talk, I tell you!

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  1. First off, you should display the flat paper items in an aesthetically pleasing way on an attractive surface. Then, if that is not dynamic enough, add some fire or a gun.


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