Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hi, I'm Stockannette and I have a problem: I'm addicted to making Etsy Treasuries. I just put up another one. I couldn't help it, this time, though. When I saw that the current Treasuries were down in the 300's this morning, I thought of a Memorial Day Weekend concept, and had to hang around until I could pounce. Check out all the cool red-white-and-blue stuff that people in Indiana made.

Alright, it's time to watch a bunch of bad t.v. shows from the DVR. Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I'm addicted to treasuries too... They should be opening this afternoon, and I have to pick from three different ones I have prepared. Haha.

    Thanks for the blog shoutout, and yep you followed the rules perfectly. :) One comment for your fav item, and two for the blog post. *thumbs up*


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