Friday, January 24, 2014

Letter-writing: it's important!

It breaks my heart to even fathom that a person could think that they are entitled to more civil rights than another person... and it's even worse to think that the government of the state I live in would want to discriminate against people. But it's happening, and it could get worse, so again I'm writing letters to our legislators. Today's letter is:  

First, thank you for your service to Indiana. 

Second, as an active, registered Hoosier voter, I am depending on you to reflect the opinions of the people who voted you into office, and reject any legislation (HJR3, formerly 6, for instance) that makes discrimination legal in our State. 

I am a forty-something woman, married to a forty-something man (our three-year anniversary is coming up in two weeks), and I oppose any prospective law or resolution that says that fellow Hoosiers, together for, say, 10, 21, or 39 years, even legally married in other states, are second-class citizens, that their family somehow counts as "less than" ours. We are all building lives, trying to be good, kind, and respectful people, and I shudder to think that I would not be able to recommend Indiana as a good place for anyone to live... but if people have fewer civil rights here, then that's exactly what would happen. 

I moved to Indiana by choice 19 (almost 20!) years ago, and I love it here, because every Hoosier I have ever encountered would go out of their way to help a stranger in trouble. Well, thousands of strangers (and some of your and my friends and neighbors and relatives) are in trouble, and this letter to you is how I'm trying to help. Please join me, and embody Hoosier hospitality by rejecting HJR3. Thank you kindly. 

And then, following my full name and address, for those in whose districts we don't live: 

P.S. I know my address might not be in your district, but I work in Fishers, my husband and I have family from Pendleton to Bargersville, we travel and spend our hard-earned dollars in businesses all over the state, so I hope you will consider my request even if our house is not on "your piece" of the map.  

So, that's how I've chosen to express myself. If you want to read a much more eloquent summation of why HJR3 is "un-Hoosier," please read what my friend Kit wrote. If you somehow don't think you know any gay people and you have no idea how this hateful legislation could effect someone's life, please read Peter's essay. Then go write your letter, and send it, and tell me about it.