Saturday, May 16, 2009

My visit to the Trading Post.

I brought my camera just in case I might be able to see some alpacas out in a field or something. I thought yeah, maybe I could get a shot like this:

or maybe even a llama...

Then after we checked out the new yarn shop, the owner, Susan, took us to meet some of the herd. I guess it'd be called a herd. Anyway, WOW! The alpaca are soft and gentle and somehow mesmerizing. The llamas are big and curious and sweet (and boy did they ham it up for the camera)! Enjoy these pictures, and then go meet some llamas and alpacas when you can; they are delightful and amazing.


  1. I are not nefarious, but I understand your trepidation.

    Anyway, cool llamas! Am I allowed to buy anything yet?

  2. The ones that have had haircuts are alpacas.

    No, you are only allowed to browse - but you may encourage your fans to buy. Hahaha.

  3. Can I at lease post a testimonial about how the delightful hat you made me completely knocked my socks off? Because I am sitting here with no socks and I need to tell the world.


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