Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I suppose I could have considered it a bad sign when I liked how the yarn looked when I pulled a little center chunk out of the skein to find the end. Last night we were at Mo'Joe knittin' for the outside of the Harrison Center, and I knew I should have cast on for my light pole sweater beforehand! Doh. Really, once I finished the tree sweater with the lei pieces knitted right into it, I had a feeling that my second project couldn't top it. Ah, well. So I cast on using 50s (big needles) and two strands. Everything proceeded to get all ugly and tangle-y and all I could think of was, "But I wanna knit the feather boa in there now!" I ripped it out. Take two, with smaller needles: tonight.

And now for something completely different: two weeks ago we named the new fish Jules Winnfield, and yesterday it came to me - the perfect name would have been Henry Rollins. I'll just file that one away for future use.


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