Friday, May 22, 2009

Really, I'm not one of "those."

Yeah, I'm in Mo'Joe on my laptop right now. So? I've got my knitting with me. And my camera. In fact, here is a photo I just took of the tag I left here during the Yarnburners' meeting last week:Check me out, experimenting with a subtle tag! Hee hee. It's harder than you'd think to tie that stuff to a table post without looking.

While I was ordering my lunch (a delicious iced peppermint latte and chicken salad sandwich) and asking how to hook up to the wireless network, the barista asked, "Aren't you going to be knitting?" to which I replied that I might do a little knitting and a little web-surfin'. The guy behind me in line chimed in with, "Excuse me - did I hear you say you are a knitter? My wife is a knitter, too! She meets her knitting friends at the library every Saturday morning at 11:00. But not this Saturday. There's no meeting this Saturday, because of the [Indy 500 Festival] Parade." I responded, "Very cool! The Central Library?" and he elaborated that yes, their meetings are right near the main entrance every Saturday - but not this Saturday - at 11:00 a.m. What a good Knitter's Husband he is! I'm going to try and go to that meeting sometime, just so I can find out whose husband he was, and tell her how proudly he proclaimed that his wife is a knitter! It warms my heart.


  1. It's like graffiti, only less permanent!

  2. Now with 99.9% less paint-fume inhalation than traditional graffiti!


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