Tuesday, May 12, 2009

International shipping.

I put items up for sale on Etsy for the first time in April. I was aware that there might not be a lot of people shopping for knit hats and scarves at this time of year, so I also listed some gift tags and that vase (substantial, yet inherently fragile, as it is made of glass), I decided not to tackle international shipping right off. I thought it would be kind of weird if I said, "Sure, you can buy this hat or these tags if you live overseas, but you can't have that vase."

An interested party in South America did contact me a while back and ask if she could buy the vase, and I had to tell her sweetly that no, even though the vase would be meticulously packed, that's just too long a trip for me to risk it getting damaged in transit, and that I while I certainly did not enjoy disappointing her by saying no, I would not want her to receive a broken item, and thus be even more disappointed.

So now, as I patiently await my first sale, I'm thinking, if someone would buy the vase, I could change my shop info to include shipping my knitted and paper items to other countries. I wonder if I am losing potential customers because right now I do not ship internationally.

Is shipping internationally worth it? I just don't know - but I will figure it out.

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