Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today's the day!

As I write this, the volunteers from Jay's Moving are placing (or have placed) the last of the pianos out around Indianapolis!

When telling people about yarnbombing a piano, I've had several say, "Oh, I can't play!" as if that's a valid reason not to experience pop-up art.  I can't play either, but I can appreciate finding something beautiful in an unexpected place.  So, I'm not asking you to only go see the pianos if you can play Beethoven from memory - I'm saying, go, and see if you can remember how to play "Chopsticks," or want to take a picture with an original work of art, or if you want to take a seat on a sturdy bench and look at our lovely City from a unique perspective.  

Today's video features a Women's Fund staffer's son... his song isn't long, but he played it for me - and you - and it's wonderful!

 If he can do it, so can you: GO Ahead & Play!

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