Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend photo review!

Wow, what a whirlwind the GO Ahead & Play 'opening weekend' was!  I've seen so many tweets and videos and facebook posts and news stories about our "pink piano on The Circle" (and her 19 piano friends)!  It's heartwarming to know that people are enjoying this.

Friday I took a day off work.  First, I drove around to see several of the other artists' nearby pianos (I've been to see 12 of them but only got pics of 11 so far!)  

Then Kevin and I headed downtown to take some pictures and see if we saw anyone playing ours... well, we did!  But first we removed the vase that had been designed to tip over for when/if she needs to be covered to protect her from rain, but it turns out no matter how many 'florist marbles' you have in a vase, Monument Circle is windier than you think, so the thing tipped over a lot! Then Kevin attached this small felted bowl from my pal Sandi, and filled that with the flowers - it's very pretty, and low-slung, so no wind will tip it!

We talked to several people, encouraged them to play, took pics for them so their whole group could be in their photos!  Our friend Josh and his boyfriend Jonathan came down from their offices on The Circle to take a look (and play). 

We also met our piano's "Buddy" - the person who'll apply her custom-made cover if it rains.  He came down to make sure there were enough maps in her bench pocket!

After all the delightful piano hubbub, I headed to the south side, where I volunteer for a local animal rescue group.  Earlier volunteers had already cleaned all the cages and fed and watered everyone, so my "job" for the day turned out be petting, hugging, and playing with bunnies.  I guess I took 'socializing' literally; I kissed this sweet rabbit right on the head!  


 Merino and I also went to a movie, and had  delicious fried chicken and local corn at my  brother- and sister-in-law's, and I finally  finished the baby blanket I'm knitting for our  nephew-to-be, but I don't have pics of any of  that stuff, so here's another video of Kevin  playing our piano, because I still want to  know what you're going to GO Ahead &  Play.


  1. Love the piano and all the pictures you've posted!!! Sounds like you got the frosting of the job, petting and playing with bunnies ;)

  2. Love the piano project photos and Sandi's bowl worked out perfectly! The bunny is so cute! Boy I could use some good fried chicken about now! :)))


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