Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Young? That depends. Restless? Yes!

The excitement is building!  I can hardly wait!  The Yarnburners' piano, Tickled Pink, Tickling the Ivories, is about to make her outdoor debut!  What will you play when you meet her?

Today's video features our newest Yarnburner, my best friend Kevin, who doesn't even knit (yet?)!  He came along to the GO Ahead & Play workspace one day to help me (thank goodness!) and the next thing I knew he had a needle in hand and was miraculously, expertly stitching pieces to other pieces in contrasting yarn, which really makes for a fabulous finished look.  Don't worry, this is not the last you'll see/hear of him!   

This blog entry is meant not only to share an inside look at our process with you, lovely readers, but to tell Kev that his love, support, and humor throughout the years mean the world to me - especially his involvement in this crazy piano project (though he never once told me I was crazy for trying to cover a piano with yarn).  I love you, Boy.


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