Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our pink knit & crochet #Indypianos unsung heroes...

There are certain features of our yarnbombed piano that will only really be enjoyed once she reaches a forever home at a Women's Fund grantee organization - but that does not make them any less fabulous!  In fact, these wonderful knits are two of my very favorite parts:  

If you've visited any of the pianos out in public, you've seen that they have uniform, gray, custom-made benches, equipped with GO Ahead & Play information and maps, tethered to them. Here is Claire's gorgeous piece that covers the seat of the "permanent bench" (the one that came with the piano - bench and piano will be reunited when she retires to her indoor life of luxury).
We lined the inside of the permanent bench, leaving some of the music books and a notebook of the child (Emily) who once learned to play on our Betsy Ross Spinnet.  See that bright pink book on top?  That "sheet music" was knitted by Wenchciara, who transcribed the notes of "You Are My Sunshine" on one of the pages!  (She's also responsible for making all the lovely treble clefs that we've attached to the piano!) 

Indianapolis, you've only got a few more days (until August 18th)  to head down to Monument Circle and find "Tickled Pink, Tickling the Ivories" - GO Ahead & Play!

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