Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, I did it.

I took some of my profit from the scarf sale and put it right back into the EtsyKarmaUniverse. Yep; same-day service! I bet you think I bought yarn, huh? Nope. I bought a print of a cyclops using yarn! It's called Gary Takes Up Knitting, and it's the non-yarn thing I have coveted the longest since starting my shop. I know y'all are jealous that I snatched up Gary before you could, and you should be! I kid; you can come visit him at our place in a week or so. Or perhaps you should obtain one of Gary's compatriots for yourself.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sweep the feather boa shrapnel up off the living room floor. What? I just finished my second piece for Friday night's knit graffiti install.


  1. Despite the fact that I don't know what any of the above means, I enjoy reading your blog. Maybe because I don't understand it.

    Unbridled, earnest enthusiasm is my favorite thing in the world.

    Also, may I buy something now?

  2. God, that's cute. I love weird art with creatures doing people stuff!


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