Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fans of Mass. Ave. Knit Shop

Darling readers, you know how I love my local yarn shop, Mass. Ave. Knit Shop. I asked the owner if it was okay if I started a Facebook fan group, and she said yes... now several people have emailed me, "What about Ravelry? We need a Mass. Ave Knit Shop fan group on Ravelry!" So, since the FB group has 28 members, that seemed like a pretty good sign, so I went to the shop this afternoon and said, "Can I start a group on Ravelry?" and the rest is history! As of today you can support your local yarn shop on FB by typing "mass ave knit shop" in the search box, and on Ravelry by clicking here.

It's turning out to be a pretty big week, with my first INCrowdteam Interview that published on Saturday, the Indianapolis Monthly article which I shared with the knittaplease group on FB and suddenly I'm tweeting with people in the U.K., my first ever reserved listing on Etsy, the knit graffiti installation at the Harrison Center for the Arts coming up on Friday night and oh, have I mentioned the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival? Yeah, going to that on Saturday, provided there is no flooding of epic proportions this year.

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