Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bravely into the weekend, I say!

I've had a pretty exciting (exciting for me, anyway) day! First, I didn't go to work. Then the letter carrier brought me a check from taking surveys. So I left this morning to deposit the check, and I went by the Harrison Center to get photos of the rest of the Yarnburners' stuff that got put up after I left that day. Then, since I just happened to have leftover sock yarn (no, silly, I still don't know how to make socks - I make HATS with it) and my size 3 double-pointed needles in my bag, I headed on down to Mass. Ave. Knit Shop to see if Susan could help me get up to speed on the sock yarn mitered blanket - yes, the perfect thing for me to do with all the little odds and ends left over when I am done with my hats! There's a knit-along, or a group or whatever you call it, that just started meeting in June, the first Tuesday of each month. So, I spent a couple of hours sitting in the Shop and knitting, and got a square done! Imagine, if you will a bunch of these, in all different colors, stitched together to form some sort of useful, delightful item! I'm told it can be done!

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more excitement, on my way home I saw the Pride floats lined up along Mass. Ave., in preparation for tomorrow's parade! Did you know that the cast (well, at least some of the cast) of Wicked are going to be the Grand Marshals? True story.

But wait, darling reader - there's more! I got home to find that someone had purchased my blue glass vase (thank you,
Etsy Yart Sale)! They've already paid, too, so I sealed up the box and raced on down to the post office, arriving with mere moments to spare. That's right, people: same-day service! I will miss that vase a little; it really is sparkly! For some reason, I'm picturing it heading east on an adventure, its carton sealed with tiki tape and adorned with fragile stamps.


  1. Sometimes it's great to not go to work and spend some time with oneself. Congrats on the sale, the vase is adorable!


  2. Thanks! Yay for Yart! Now I can proclaim "I ship internationally!" on my shop (I was very leery of possible breakage if I were to ship the vase to far-off lands).


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