Saturday, April 3, 2010

This place is going to the dogs!

I guess that really should say "dog." But I digress.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Pop On Over To My Pal HappyHoundCreative's Blog And Become A Fan:

10. Because I said so (I know - you're surprised this is not number one).

9. She's a Sneaker - someone needs to keep an eye on her!

8. Hot damn there are cute cards and wedding programs and other goodies in her shop!

7. You just can't get enough of Kirby on her website, faceplace, and twitter and you feel like you need more!

6. Snoopy, the happy hound!

5. Kirby (who I call "Happy," or "Hap") finds the neatest handmade items and shares them on her blog in fun features like Team Tuesdays and Fabulous Fun Friday Favorites.

4. You want to win my latest original design in her upcoming giveaway!

3. Monday is Hap's birthday and she's having the party on Tuesday, April 6!

2. Baby Emma is crawling all over the place and you're hoping for a video.

1. Snoopy in a party hat:


  1. Stock, you thought of some very good reasons...I like #10 the best!!

  2. Ohhh I think this is the best countdown ever!! I like #6 And #2 AND #4


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