Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jiffy Hop says...

Happy Easter - buy chocolate, not bunnies. Please visit the other Annette's blog, too, if you have a moment.

Jiffy Hop is a wild rabbit that was born in our back yard in 2008. Thank goodness we have a big tall wooden fence - not just to protect Jiffy Hop and his brothers and sisters, but also to keep people seeing that we may or may not let the grass back there grow way too long (because I don't want a mower to hurt or disturb the bunnies).


  1. How cute is Jiffy Hop!!! All bunnies are sweet, but wild rabbits have a special aura about them!

  2. So glad to hear that you are giving safe haven to Jiffy Hop and his family! Thanks Annette!
    I love his white angel's stroke mark on his forehead.
    Short grass in gardens is highly overrated!
    and wonderful to read about the cats being helped too. I was shocked to see OJ's before pic! so glad he has an angel looking out for him to!
    Very inspirational Annette and I hope people reading are spurred to help too :)
    have a lovely Easter, hope your chocolate lasts till Tuesday!
    best wishes, (AcrossThePond)Annette

  3. You have such a big heart Annette!


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