Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Warning: cuteness overload imminent!

I'm not kididng.

You know I love to see photos of people wearing things I made, but you have no idea how absolutely thrilled I am to have one of my little hats be in this perfect portrait taken by Dallas-area's own Expressions by Wendy. Plus, how sweet of Wendy to send me a copy of it for use in my shop and blog and all!

Seriously, this is your last chance too look away before you will be compelled to either squeal with delight or say, "Awwwwwww!" for about 45 minutes. Yes, it's that cute.

I mean it.

Told you!

Texas people, hurry, oh hurry and call
Expressions by Wendy to get photos taken! Hey, why limit this to people who are already in Texas? Everybody pack your kids in the car and head to my Mom's home state! You know you want to end up with beautiful photos like this.


  1. Stock - I'm so delighted that your work has been photographed!!

  2. How Awesome! Cuteness overload is putting it mildly! Love it!


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