Wednesday, March 10, 2010


March is kind of a big month for me: on March 16 my Etsy shop will have been open for a year (that's my Etsyversary, and no, I didn't make up the term); March 23 will mark the two year anniversary of the day I learned to knit (I call that my knitterversary) - oh, and then there's Merino's brother's birthday and mine toward the end of the month!

I've been wracking my brain to think of a way to celebrate all these things, and finally figured it one day last week when I was perusing the shop of my pal, Kitten (yes, I'm aware that it's spelled "Kittredge," but the first time I saw her name, I thought it said "KittenRidge" and that's what stuck). I saw Coco and Honey, and thought to myself, "What a wonderful thing she's doing, donating proceeds of these two soaps to the organization she volunteers for!" Then I asked Kitten to tell me more about her work with Feline Friends, and asked her to please send photos and info about some of the cats in need, so I could blog about them.

I know what you're thinking, darling readers: what does this have to do with your March/Etsyversary hubbub, Stockannette?! I'm getting to that.

I've decided that I'm donating 50 % of my Etsy shop's sales between now and March 31st to Feline Friends Rescue/Adoption League. Why Feline Friends? They work hard, they are a no-kill organization, and they need that money! Plus there's the Sneaker connection. Yay!

In addition, I'm going to include a free little gift, handmade by me, with every order placed between now and March 31st. Don't try to argue with the birthday girl; I can give you presents if I want to! Do me a favor and type "March" in your message to seller, so I know you know why there's free stuff in your envelope/box. I don't wanna confuse anyone!

Stay tuned; I will be introducing you to three cats from Feline Friends over the next week or so, so you'll be able to see who your dollars will be helping.


  1. Wooo Hooo! Congrats and Happy, happy birthday to all!

  2. I'm waiting for the little lady to pop on here and say "I heart U". What a really cool thing to do for your birthday/Etsyversary month!

  3. Congrats on the Knitterversary and the Etsyversary, and the birthdays! And 50% to such a great cause! You are awesome!

  4. Happy Etsyversary and Knitterversary too! Yay for you giving 50% to the Feline Friends! How generous! Can't wait to see photos.


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