Monday, January 25, 2010


Kiddies, if you've seen my shop today, you know I've expanded from the two-pom-pommed hats to a three-peaked, three-pom-pom hat. It's very exiting... and now I've come up with a three-peaked, one-big-pom-pom hat that I guess one might call a Hat With A Concept. See if you can figure out what I was going for before you scroll down and read the rest of this entry. Here it is:
It symbolizes green earth, blue sky, and a white (cream), fluffy cloud. Make sense? So, here's my issue... what to call the hat when I list it. Should I call it "Green Earth Blue Sky Fluffy Cloud knit baby hat," or the "Junior Environmentalist knit baby hat," or what?

Please post a comment if you like one of the names I came up with, and if you've got a better idea, I'd love to hear it, so feel free to post suggestions. If I use your idea and you have an Etsy shop, I would of course put a link to your shop in the item description, as a way of crediting you for super-genius. Also, if I use your idea as the title for this hat, Etsy shop or not, I will give you free shipping on any item in my shop.


  1. Stock, you never cease to amaze me. First thought that came to my head was:

    A little touch of heaven hat

    Not so much creative ~ that's what came to mind. Keep up your creative genius.

  2. My heavens, that is cute.

    This is my thought: Newest Steward

    Wow. I just sat here for more seconds than I want to admit, watching Blu-Ray Charles swim, bump, and wiggle. :)

  3. You know what I just realized? Newest Steward is just another way of saying Junior Environmentalist. Your power of suggestion is strong with me.

    Thinking some more....

  4. Yeah, I don't think you are gonna beat Junior Environmentalist...that's good stuff!

  5. Thank you all for your opinions and suggestions - you can ALL have free shipping on an item from my shop! Just type "NAME THAT HAT" in your Message to Seller and I will refund your shipping via Paypal.


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