Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mystery solved... again!

When I first started knitting, I was completely mystified why it appears that almost everyone who knits makes things for babies. It seemed that babies would have no concept of how much love and effort went into anything, and on top of that, why would I want to knit something someone might spit up on?! Well, the answer first came when I saw the family portrait pictures of the baby booties I made for Merino's cousin, and then there were the hats for a coworker's kids and the delightful brown boots. Here is the latest explanation of why people knit things for babies: because little stuff is so g.d. cute! Here is a picture I took of a baby-and-bear hats set I made for fellow Sneaker Snoopy - I mean HappyHoundCreative. I hope she likes this hat I made for little Emma... 'cause the only thing cuter than a baby hat is a baby hat actually ON a baby! What I cannot explain is why I would write a little poem to go with the hats; I know Emma is highly advanced, but I'm not sure she can read just yet:

Dear little Emma, I made this for you;
I hope you like your new hat!
There’s also a hat for your teddy, too -
Or monkey, or puppy, or cat!


  1. So cute! I love knitting baby things, they're so small and adorable and fast to knit!


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