Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Girl fight!" the unabridged version:

It all started during a Sneak Attack, when ShadesofVictoria snatched something out of SillyStringsNThings’s cart. Silly sighed and said, “(---1---).”

Shades said, “Oh yeah (---2---)?” she asked , whipping off her (---3---), “You’d better (---4----) unless you wanna (---5---)!”

“You don’t have the (---6---), you (---7---)!”

The two were rolling around on the (---8---) and (---9---) each other when doodlebeacards and tinkersshop came in and had to separate them. “Cut it out, you (---10---)s!” said Doodle. “ You need to (---11---) at each other, and not be (---12---).”

"Yeah," said Tink… just (---13---) each other alone! There are plenty more Sneak Attacks left this year, and we need for there to (---14---) (---15---) in (---16---).”

(Note: the above is the full version of my latest Sneaker-filled Treasury.)

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