Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Knit Madness is even more serious than I thought, and here's how I can tell.

I don't know if you heard, but Indiana received a lot of rain the other day. Since the flooding in June 2008, people (especially those in the southern half of the state) get really concerned. Well, it's no wonder! Yesterday at lunch, a colleague was telling us about his trip back from Cincinnati in that rain. Interstate 74 was closed, in both directions, for something like six hours! Hundreds of cars were stopped in big groups because there was deep water rushing like rivers across the interstate in front of their cars and and behind them. A police helicopter had to land in the median due to treacherous flying conditions. People literally had to turn off their cars and sit there for hours.

I swear that this is the first thing that came to my mind as he was telling us about it:

I guess I'd better stash some 'emergency' yarn and needles in the trunk of my car!

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  1. Hahaha! I'd be the same way!
    Aside from my family and scrapbooks and scrapbook supplies are my most treasured items!

    Welcome to the EtsyBloggers Team :)


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