Sunday, August 2, 2009

Have I mentioned the baby booties lately???

Yeah, so Merino's cousin is going to have a baby, and she asked me if I would make her some pink baby booties. I immediately gushed with congratulations and said, "Of course I will!" then an instant later it struck me that I have no idea how to make booties. Well, I have searched high and low for patterns and yarn; the first pattern just could not possibly be any cuter. I love it, and I tried to make 'em three times. I just can't get it, and I get discouraged when things turn out to be so far above my current skillset. The second pattern appealed to me because not only is it adorable, it's also seamless! I thought to myself, "Amen to that - even if it's too much for me, at least I won't have to sew anything at the end!" I found a yarn I luuuuuuuuuuv. I learned a new cast on. Again, I'm not getting it. I was so ticked at myself that I had to start a scarf, just to reinforce my belief in my skills. The scarf is so awesome I can't even tell you, but I cannot bring myself to start the second bootie pattern for the third time.

Guess what I did this morning? I started shopping for booties on Etsy! What the hell?! The important thing to Merino's cousin is not that she have the cutest hand knit booties in the world - the important thing to her is that her baby have booties that I made. Okay, I get it. Sigh.

I was knitting away on the scarf and watching DVRed episodes of Match Game, and all the sudden it hit me; I got up and went into the office and said to Merino, "Why do I have to follow someone else's instructions? Why can't I just figure out how to knit these booties on my own?" So that's where I'm at now; I'm going to devise my own way to make 'em. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Spoken like a true knitter. You're in so much trouble. Forget about ever having the money to retire.


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