Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's magic!

This is 70% cotswold, 30% alpaca handspun yarn. The brown is natural alpaca color, and the green is acid-dyed. Purchased from Blumzieluxuryyarns during a S.N.E.A.K. Attack. The color, appropriately, is called Andes Mint.

This is a neckwarmer I made with the yarn. Do you like it? Is the photo weird? Can you tell what the hell it is in the photo?


  1. I wouldn't of known what it was if you hadn't said what it was, but now that you did I get it! Got that? I love the earthy colors!

  2. I thought it was a hat. But I think everyting is a hat, so that is probably just me.

  3. I could tell what it was lol. Very cool. It turned out awesome!


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