Saturday, September 5, 2009

Drive-Ins Treasury

My new Treasury is meant to be a loving look back at the Joshua Drive-In of my childhood and the Clermont Deeeeluxe Outdoor Theee-yater (that's how the lady on the showtimes recording said it) of my youth.

We would go to the Joshua Drive-In in our 1973 Dodge Sportsman van with the orange-striped curtains my mother made. We'd wear our pajamas so there wouldn't be any need to change sleeping children into them when we got home after a double feature. My mom would pop what seemed to be TONS of popcorn, and each kid would get their own giant paper grocery bag of corn, with the edge folded down in a neat cuff.

Clermont is where The Boys and I used to go at least once a year, even if there was nothing good showing. Usually, it was for Kevinfest - and if you told the snack bar personnel the birthday person's name, they would announce it over a loudspeaker before the show! My favorite treats there were the popcorn and giant dill pickles with the occasional corndog or frozen-chocolate-shake-with-tiny-wooden-spoon. There is nothing (really - NOTHING) like watching the lightning bugs (a.k.a. fireflies) come out at the drive-in.

My big brother spoke his first word at a drive-in, by the way - he said "moom" when he saw the moon through a window!

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