Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I knit other than scarves and hats.

Have I mentioned yet that I am in a knit graffiti crew? Not likely, as this is only my second entry. Hey, kids, I'm in a knit graffiti crew!

We're called the Yarnburners, and the same person that came up with that name came up with my tag name, Stockannette (yes, the darling name stems from "subversive" knitting activities... I'm such a rebel). Sometime prior to 5/1/09, we are bombing the inside of the
Harrison Center for the Arts for your viewing pleasure on May's First Friday. So the picture at right is a couple of the pieces I've made for the installation: they're going to be covering the handles of the main doors into the building! I'll take pictures so you can see how they end up looking in their intended spot. Last night at Mo'Joe, a photographer from Indianapolis Monthly came and took some pics of me knitting, even though I advised him he could get much more fun and interesting shots at the Harrison Center. Hopefully I'm out of focus, errr... incognito.

For more about knit graffiti (sometimes referred to as yarnbombing), and specifically about the people who inspired the Yarnburners, check out

Jeez, this is a very link-heavy post;

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