Monday, April 27, 2009

How it all started.

"It was just a casual social thing - a way to hang out with my favorite Cool Girls. C. would show us how to do embroidery, and M. would show us how to knit. It was also a way to get out of a traditional formal celebration of Easter - yay! I thought I’d better try the knitting; it’s best if I stay away from sharp needles, as I’m not the most coordinated or crafty person on earth.

So M. offered to meet me at a local yarn shop and help me pick out good needles and a good yarn to start with. “You’ll want to use an encouraging yarn - something that will yield immediate results.”

Yeah, okay, whatever that means. [Please note: she was so right.]

We went into Mass Ave. Knit Shop and it was like a fuzzy rainbow in there. “How about this one?” I kept asking. Poor M…. she was so patient! She would just shake her head at every crazy, skinny, lumpy, fringed monstrosity I picked up. More later.”

The above is from the first time I tried to start a knitting blog, on May 1, 2008. So much has happened since The Day I Learned How to Knit. It’s time to have a blog specifically about knitting, with maybe a few snippets from the non-knitting world from time to time. So, welcome, lovely readers!

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