Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Technology and knitting.

I knit. I want to sell hand knit items on Etsy. I'm a member of an online knit/crochet community. I buy many of my knitting needles online. I learn new stitches by watching videos on youtube... and now I've got the blog and the Twitter and the widgets and the social networking and all that, as well! Before I learned to knit, I thought knitting was about sharp sticks and string - ha!

I thought the dichotomy was rich when I got "Merino" (as I will refer to my darling fiance, the best guy in the entire world, who supports my Knitting Madness wholeheartedly, loves me, and brags about the hat I knit for him) a satellite radio for Christmas and he got me a record player. Oh, and last Christmas, he got me a swift and a ball winder and I got him a Blu-Ray player!

I'm embracing all aspects of this Knitting in the Modern World, even if it's a lot to get one's arms around!

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