Thursday, June 17, 2010

Overheard in the Forums

That's the title of the new feature I'm doing on the Handmade Movement blog. Basically, I'm compiling quotes that happen during one of my favorite parts of the Sneak Attacks: when the lucky "victims" stop by our discussion thread all freaked out with excitement! Almost as exciting as that first sale (remember it? or are you still waiting for it? come hang out with us and let good karma take effect) is the super-cool custom logo that fellow Sneaker, Joy designed for me to use along with my Overheard in the Forums posts. Cool, huh? Yes, that's me there on the left - how did Joy know I have a yellow bracelet just like that?!


  1. Nice bloggity blog about blogging.

  2. Love your writing Stock! And the logo is YOU


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