Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You bettah work!

Check out my super models:

Jude, who apparently loves having is his picture taken in his new pumpkin hat, and Emma, who seems to be conducting a thorough quality inspection of hers! How lucky am I that my Sneaky pals have such gorgeous children?!

So far, I've got three sizes of pumpkin hat available in my shop (newborn, baby, and toddler - check the baby and toddler listings for more pics of Emma and Jude, but please, be prepared for cuteness overload to immediately set in - again!) and I'm working on one for bigger kids... coming soon! I just couldn't wait to share these cutie-pie pictures with you, and thank the models' moms for taking and sharing the pics with me!


  1. PS - Jude and Emma are sooo getting married someday - LOL!

  2. such delightful models Stock

  3. We'll have to plan wedding hats! Thanks for making such great stuff!

  4. I love those little darlings!! And the kids, too!

  5. Hi Stock!

    I won an Award and part of receiving the award is passing it on to other blogs that Inspire me - so you have been awarded!

    Stop by my blog to pick up your award!!



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