Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, both halves of the sweetest couple in the world got each other little gifts knit by me, coincidentally BOTH completed just in time for Valentine's Day! Marz had me knit a scarf for Verve, out of that fabulous yarn by Dee. Separately, Verve and I plotted for weeks about what color would be perfect as a hat for Marz (turned out to be a machine washable navy blue 100% alpaca). So they're each emailing me, sneakily, and when I got the items done, I wrapped them in identical tissue paper, one with a tag reading, "To James, From Kay" and the other reading, "To Kay, From James." Then I put the items in the same envelope, sent them off, and gave both husband and wife the tracking number. Is there such a thing as a Knitting Cupid? Maybe so! Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite couple this side of Merino and I, and to you, my darling readers! (Here's a photo of Heidi The Glass Head wearing both Marz' navy blue hat and Verve's Verve-A-Luscious scarf.)


  1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that package arrives :D

  2. How fun was this!?! What an awesome experience and we both get knitted works of excellence out of this. Thanks for making Valentines Day 2010 sooooooooo much fun!

  3. I mean, I just COULD NOT believe it!! What a beautiful surprise, and I feel just so warm and special knowing I have these two wonderful people in my life. And Dee's pretty special herself! I'm still reeling over this- best Valentine's Day EVER.


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